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The control methods of mushroom mosquitoes


Mushroom mosquitoes love mushroom spawns and are fond of eating into tiny mushroom bodies, which results in atrophy and death of mushroom buds. Young mosquitoes always eat from the base of mushroom stipe, bite mushroom bodies in stipes and lead to broken stipes or lodging phenomenon when making troubles on Agrocybe cylindracea, Enoki mushroom and Grifola frondosa. Young mosquitoes bite and eat on Auricularia polytricha, Black fungus and White fungus, which leads to black and sticky fungus base and sundry fungus contamination.


Control methods:

1. Pesticide control and suit the remedy to the case: During the fruiting period, pay close attention to the condition of material, when finding little mosquitoes, you could spray pesticides timely, eliminate the insect source in accordance with the fruiting condition. Before spraying pesticide, pick mushroom bodies which are already matured and stop spraying water one day before spraying pesticides. When encountering emergence period, pesticides should be sprayed for many times. It should be mentioned that people could choose pesticides which are with strong force, the dosage is in a range of 500-1000 times of solution and the whole field should be evenly and thoroughly sprayed.


2. Take turns in regular order and cut off food source: during the high-incidence season of mushroom mosquitoes which are respectively from October to December and from March and June, you could choose to cultivate Shiitake, Monkey head mushroom and Pleurotus abalonus which are unfavorable for mosquitoes. Utilizing this method to cultivate for 2 seasons facilitates effectively diminish or evanish mosquito sources.


3. Lay emphasis on the pre-processing of compost and reduce the propagating quantity of mosquitoes during spawn running period: For some varieties such as Oyster mushroom and Shiitake which are cultivated by raw materials and easy to be affected by mosquitoes, you could conduct pesticide treatment to compost and earthing up.


4. Reasonably choose cultivation season and field: It is best to choose season and field which don’t fit for the growth and living of mosquitoes. In frequently-occurred region of mosquitoes, you could stagger the fruiting period and the activity stage of mosquitoes. At the same time, clean, dry and sunny cultivation places are preferred.


The spawn running technology of Agrocybe cylindracea


1. Temperature: 20-22 degrees.

2. Relative air humidity: 60%-70%.

3. The temperature of material: 22-25 degrees.

4. The concentration of Carbon dioxide: 2000-4000ppm.


During the spawn running period of Agrocybe cylindracea, a kind of special Apricot aroma sends out, which attracts mosquitoes and pests, therefore, we have to pay attention to its control.


During the spawn running period, be sure to notice turning piles, adjusting stack temperature, and strictly prevent high temperature. In addition, when the spawn running is in half status, untie the rope while refusing to fold up bag mouth, in that case, you could pick out all the contaminated sticks. When the spawn running is almost done, completely fold up bag mouth while peeling off fungus block from sticks. When you find any sticks that haven’t realized thorough spawn running, then focus on them together and fold up bag mouth when they finished thorough spawn running.


 What’s more, the after-mature period that takes 2 weeks is needed after spawns become fully-grown. (Source: Beijing Agriculture Technology Extension Web)


Develop mushroom project to increase workers’ incomes


As reported by CEMBN, ever since mushroom industry was determined as the key development project in Baima Forest Farm, Inner Mongolia, the government of Genhe City has been fully supporting the project, it not only offers free of tax, but also gives some funding supports. What’s more, local Forestry Bureau also provides a loan of 10 thousand CNY per greenhouse to the workers. So far this year, 64 Black Fungus greenhouses have been newly constructed in the forest farm.

At present, the incomes of per worker reach 8000CNY, which implies remarkable achievements.



Beiwei Group went to Haiyang City for the investigation on Black Fungus Industry


Not long ago, the chairman from National Alliance of Black Fungus, the vice-chairman of Mushroom Industry Branch and the chairman from Beiwei Group went to Haiyang City, Shandong Province and investigated local industrial development status of Black fungus under the companion of the deputy mayor of Haiyang City.


According to know, Beiwei Group owns the enterprise development history of more than 30 years and the massive resource advantages on mushroom development.

The delegation believed that the advantageous climate conditions fit for the cultivation of Black fungus, especially pointed out that the three-dimensional cultivation mode on vegetables and tea greenhouses saves spaces while revealing the potentiality of increasing incomes, which extremely facilitates the further extending of local industrial chain of Black fungus.


It is universally acknowledged that Black Fungus Industry is low-cost, high-profit, simple in management method and it is the powerful channel for farmers to end poverty and become rich. In 2017, Haiyang City intends to construct mushroom production bases covering 2000 mu of land, build the production greenhouses occupying 300 mu of land and totally invest 30 million CNY or so.



The mushrooms are transported from Southern China to Northern regions


According to know, through transporting mushrooms from Southern China, Harbin Hanyang Mushroom Cultivation Co., LTD made it possible for the masses to enjoy fresh Agrocybe Cylindracea, Stropharia rugosoannulata and other South Mushrooms. According to introduction, Harbin Hanyang Mushroom Cultivation Co., LTD is the first enterprise that had realized industrialized cultivation of Agrocybe Cylindracea.


“Restricted by the season and temperature in Southern China, Agrocybe Cylindracea is only feasible in seasonal cultivation, However, now, indoor anniversary production is workable on Agrocybe Cylindracea in northern areas,” said the director of Hanyang Company, adding that the temperature of Northern China makes Agrocybe Cylindracea free from diseases and pests, enjoys more crisp taste and up to organic food standard.


In recent years, in the meantime of constantly innovating mushroom production technology, Harbin Hanyang Mushroom Cultivation Co., LTD has been also actively promoting the cultivation mode of “Leading enterprise+Base+farmer”, extending industrial chain and building more than 35 kinds of brand such as mushroom pickles and quick-frozen dumpling. At present, the company owns the annual production of 26,000 tons and the annual production value of above 200 million CNY.



The nutritional values of Straw mushroom


Straw mushrooms contain high content of Vitamin C which facilitates boosting the immunity and enhancing disease resistance. In addition, they also hold detoxication effect. In recent years, scientists have found that Straw mushrooms also carry a kind of foreign protein material which is effective in eliminating human cancer cells. Another study shows that Straw mushrooms could slow down the absorption of carbohydrates to human body and are ideal for diabetics.


Straw mushrooms fit for stir-frying, which could reduce the damage of Vitamin C. Before cooking, strike a cross state on mushroom caps so as get a tasty result. Matched with salt, soy sauce and aginomoto, the umami could be well reserved.





Lead farmers to develop Shiitake cultivation in Gaoyi County of Henan Province


In this year, Gaoyi County of Henan Province takes full advantage of the local resources and leads farmers to cultivate Shiitake with remarkable results. Till now, the cultivation area of Shiitake cultivation reached 800mu in a village of Gaoyi County, which effectively facilitated increasing each poor family’s income of about 2600CNY. Meanwhile, the successful cultivation has leaded the nearby poor villages and families to actively follow, which has effectively driven more poor families to grow rich.



Custom Guide Mushroom Market Magazine


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Consume Guide Mushroom Market is the leading magazine for the circulation field of mushroom market. It is relying on the advantage of readers and customer resources that are accumulated over the years, we build the best media platform for promoting the enterprise image、knowing the mushroom market quotation、publishing papers and opinions through comprehensive capturing the market dynamic、reflecting the price trend in time、rapid spreading production and trade information and scientific predicting industry development trend.


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