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Nikodem Sakson since the nineties as an advisor in the Mushroom-sector, and would like to give you growing tips. Also if you have any questions, please contact:

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Speed spawn in practice

Three spawn plants on the market including two European offers in Poland speed spawn. Currently Amycel and Sylvan implement speed spawn in Poland. Made observations indicate that:


1. It is possible to keep the 14 day period of spawn run compost in the tunnel from loading to unloading in completely colonised. This allows you to better maintain the timeliness of sales and use of tunnels.


2. The spawn is more expensive than standard mycelium and in the case of weakening course Polish currency reduces the effect of stabilization of excess compost.


3. It is possibly to reach higher yields of high quality leaf to 2 kg\m2 using phase III compost based on speed spawn.


4. The side effects of the use of speed can be spawn appear deformed bodies before the first flush and over pinning. Fruiting bodies of deformed is the more the aeration begins with the higher temperature of compost, it is faster and terminated at low temperatures. Risk over pinning is the stronger the we use the spawn easier pinning.


5. Limited is the choice of spawn, which discourages some mushroom producers to purchase such ground.


6. In a situation of high competition in the market ground mushroom producers do not want to bear the higher costs of purchasing speed spawn what required to bear the price of the compost. Not all growers are able to get higher yields.


This situation cause’s speed spawn is not his place on the market in Europe, where the basis for the production of mushrooms is the background phase III and the satellite system.


However, this does not mean that speed spawn not has future. Conducted tests indicate the possibility of obtaining synergies by applying starch feeders (grains) thermally treated with speed spawn. This allows you to obtain the full spawned compost during 12 days and a higher weight in the mycelium. The tests are carried out in phase II in depilatory products.


For this effect is uniform mixing the feeder (currently 1%) and ground speed spawn.


I wish you a healthy and a good production in 2017!!!

Nikodem Sakson






Mushroom Production Consultant Nikodem Sakson has been offering his services since 1994. He actively participates in the transformation of the Polish mushroom growing industry, which has placed Poland in the position of Europe’s largest mushroom producer and the largest exporter of mushrooms to fresh markets throughout the world. As a consultant


I distinguish myself from others through reliable knowledge on Phase I base production using straw and chicken manure under varying climatic conditions, a comprehensive approach to the prevention of losses caused by mushroom diseases and pests, and the design and organization of major mushroom production closed cycle and large area facilities. I am the author of four books (on producing mushrooms, compost, and green moulds) and more than 100 articles and brochures.


I have conducted hundreds of trainings and over 17 years my clients have been or are all of Poland’s major companies in the production and service industries.


I invite you to benefit from the experiences of a country where mushroom production is flourishing based on its own raw materials and production solutions.


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Dr. Eng. Nikodem Sakson


For more information:   in controlling the growing of mushrooms on condition of nutrition 21.01.2016


After a period of weight control in several halls we observe how microclimate conditions and substrate temperature begins to drop weight. This will allow us to its prevention.


I'm open to all forms of cooperation with organizations having custom problems in the production of mushrooms and interested in technology and research. I communicate in English and Russian. I attended for 25 years in the development of Polish mushroom business, which currently produces the most in Europe and exports many mushrooms on the market fresh.